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Transforming challenges into opportunities has been the hallmark of Big Billion Network P Ltd, since its inception 02.05.2010. It is not a story of privilege or entitlement. It is a story of failure and rising; of struggle against incredible odds; of dreams, and the striving and belief that will turn into reality. We are on an ambitious growth path with plans to transform ourselves in the next ten years to be in the list of most admired companies. To do this, we are infusing the Group with fresh thinking while dedicating ourselves to the principles that have held us in good stead over the years.

Unyielding commitment to this work ethic has powered Big Billion Network P Ltd’s growth from a relatively incognito company to a dynamic conglomerate. Having started in the field of High – Technology Air Conditioning powered with unparalleled service and outstanding expertise, in a short span of time Big Billion Network P Ltd moved its core competence into other diversified fields such as: Constructions, Architectural and Interior Designs, Facilities and Management Services, Online Real estate portal, Media, Events & Carnivals, Health , Wellness Management and e commerce payment system & Digital Wallet( In R& D stage).

About Us


Be the first choice in the mind of clients and audience.


BBN strives to achieve be one of the leading company for our audience, clients, partners and Investors to whom we work with, by offering the best and unique creative and deliver projects as committed.


BBN Provides best solutions to clients to remain focused on their objectives and become high-performance businesses. We create long-term relationships by being responsive and relevant and by consistently delivering value.

Who We Are

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Behind Every Great Business There is a Team of Strong Employees

People are not the most valuable asset in a business – the right people are. Employees who are dedicated and who work together well in a team are those that will make company prosper.We understand that to get the right people in our team we don’t just try to turn lazy people into hard workers. Instead, foster an environment where the lazy people will get caught out and recognized.

We’re always looking for great people who want to make a difference. Passionate innovators, collaborative achievers, talented individuals who are energized by the ability to get things done quickly and effectively.
Founded by Shiva keshav, the first generation entrepreneur & led by an energetic mix of innovative professionals armed with an aspiration with over two decades of first-hand experience teamed up to be identified as a part of a revolution called Big Billion Network (P) Ltd, a profitable unit of Blackhole Worldwide.

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Corporate Wellness Management


E-Commerce payment system and Digital Wallet


We Work to De-Stress and Refresh Your Life to Achieve Your BIG DREAMS

- Shivakeshav -

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E-Commerce Payment System And Digital Wallet

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Event Milestones.

Our first event was out of the box “Audio Drive “ a creative method designed, executed to launch six songs of Tamil feature film “ Chennai 2 Singapore “. In line with the film’s title we designed a road trip for the film crew from Chennai to Singapore crossing Bhutan, Myanmar, Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore.


6 Songs in 6 Countries.

Each time they reach a country, a song from the film was launched online. A crazy idea and a tiring journey for 25 days but finally happen through meticulous planning of 6 months. The audio drive was flagged off by Actor Suriya and was well received by global audience for the innovative approach. The songs were a massive hit and helped the film in getting enough attention in Tamilnadu, Kerala, Andhra, Karnataka, Malaysia and Singapore, the core markets for film’s success.

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